Members Only


The Break Down: 

Membership will cost $195.00 + GST per month and require a 3-month minimum commitment. A $195 deposit is required at the time of approval .

What You’ll Receive : 

    • Time to explore new techniques in a shared space with other creatives. 

    • 10.5 hours of studio time per week, or 3 x 3.5-hour sessions per week. 

    • firings included in fee depending on quantity of production

    • discount on supplies and clay
    • no vendors fee for participating in our pop-up events

Some requirements to keep in mind: 

We want to get to know you! To apply, please send over a written note to the email address below telling us a bit about yourself and all the workshops you’ve completed previously at Studio Fundamentals and elsewhere.  For now, we’ll only be accepting those who have previous clay experience and have completed at least two workshops. If you’ve completed a class at a different studio, please send along some photos of your past work. 

To start, we’ll be accepting a maximum of 20 members to the program. Any additional approved applications will be added to a waitlist until a vacancy arises. 

Once approved, to ensure that we’re all on the same page,  all members will have to participate in a studio orientation, which will cost a $25.00 fee. 

If you have any questions, please send me a message at :) 


If you're already a member, please click here to book your next studio session.