The Blogging Begins

Remember this trend that was all the hype in the early 2000s, where everyone wanted to be a blogger? Ha! Well SF is going to make an attempt to have one going. The many times I've tried to get on the blogging game, but I either forget I even had one going, or got way too busy to even share anything. There was even a time I couldn't log back in because I had forgotten my password and couldn't answer any of the security questions I had set up. 

Why blog? Because I want to share some insights, but also some shits and giggles in this craft I have fallen so deeply in love with and has become my career. I want to share things I have learned and experience throughout my journey - the ups and downs of it all, some educational insights, our community, and whatever else is happening with SF. 

Here you will find many grammatically incorrect posts. As much as I want to Chat GPT my way through this, I think it is best if I stayed true to my ways. Aside from all the incorrect grammars coming your way, I want to connect with those of you who are either starting their journey in pottery, thinking of starting, already deep into it and know that there's someone who can nerd out on pottery with you, or  looking for some insights on how to make this your career. Full disclosure though, I will be also sharing some useless, yet funny things (in my opinion) I come across the internet.

Let the internetting begin!