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Sip and Shape

Sip and Shape

Your curiosity, hands, and intuition will guide you in this cozy 3-hour candlelit workshop. We will explore basic hand building techniques to create illuminating objects - think candle holders or incense holders that light up your space.

Embrace the joy of connecting with clay and friends, and perhaps lean into your imagination and a bit of silliness along the way. Whether you are a beginner or familiar with clay, all are welcome to join.

Bring you creativity, friends, snacks, and a bottle of wine or something funky.

We’ll handle the firing and glazing in the weeks following the workshop, and we will let you know when your objects are ready to be picked up.
  • SATURDAY 7PM-10PM | MAR 16
  • Throwing, trimming, and glazing tools
  • bisque firings
  • glaze firings

A full refund is available 7 days prior to class start. If cancellation is made less than seven days prior to class start, there will be a $75 cancellation fee. The workshop is non-refundable after the start date.